Writer: Tes Noah Asfaw

Director: Tes Noah Asfaw

STATUS: Casting


The script centres around a young woman, JANE PAGE, who, like many of us, wants a solid and fulfilling career. She works in the press relations department of the Fiona Willoughby Memorial Fund, an organisation that funds charities helping the homeless and vulnerable throughout the country. Jane comes across several cases of sexual assault at the charities sponsored by the Willoughby Fund, and finds evidence that her colleagues had covered it up. This presents several problems for Jane. Her deep ambition for a promotion, to earn a better job title, and to buy her own home, comes into conflict with doing the right thing, which in itself isn’t clear, in any case. To whistleblow would have negative ramifications for the donations to the Willoughby Fund, not just to Jane’s career. The quandary: do we forgo the “tiny disasters” in the name of the “greater good”? Or vice versa?

The story focuses on Jane’s strained relationships with her father, Thomas, who is partially paralysed from a stroke, and her sister, Sarah, who is her father’s main caregiver. Thomas is a nihilist, and bitterly cynical. Sarah is jaded and at her wit’s end, with being a mother of young children, having a high-flying legal career, and looking after their father. At work, Jane, who has meaningful relationships with colleagues, including her boss Teresa, and the perpetrators of the cover-up, but no direct connection with the main victim, has to find the motivation to do the right thing. It is through Jane’s relationships that she discovers a way through the minefield. She learns to appreciate her sister more, and to realise that the cynical attitude she shares with her father isn’t all that constructive when it comes to the crunch. Jane grows from being self-centred and disconnected to being someone who questions the value of success when success on her terms will inherently be pyrrhic. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36, King James Bible.)